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عبد الإله &# Le 12/07/2007

أخي إسماعيل.
أحييك على متابرتك المعرفية وأشجعك على ما أنت بصدد إنجازه من تحديات، وأتمنى أن يستفيد بلدك المغرب من ثمرة جهودك العلمية.

Mr.CHAMLAL Le 08/07/2007

toutes mes felcitations pour ce progrés que vous a avez fait pour donner un espace a tout enseignant qui veut naviguer dans le monde pedagogique et linguistique .merci cher ami

famille jaouan Le 08/07/2007

mes meilleurs felicitations pour pour votre premier livre, le fruit de long chemain d'etudes,grace à vos efforts personnels ainsi que l'appui de votre admirable femme.
on vous souhaite une bonne et longue continueté.
signés : kamil imane et son mari jaouan abdel.

othman Le 02/07/2007

every body is looking to be perfect in his relationships with the others to be in harmonie with people,in his language;in his life style . u'r triying to show us the way to be so thank u for your effort ; best regards

Mr A. AZZABI Le 30/06/2007

Thanks so much for sharing the fruit of your hard work with everybody.

When I established the thesis of Rhetorical Aspect (Choukri ,1999)I provided an introduction to a new general modular rhetoric which interpret the figures in an aspectual model . so, we can widen the grammatical aspect (Comrie B., 1976 - Cohen, D.1989) into a generic sense. analysing the perfective aspect or the iterative (or habitual) aspect, we may notice that some features like « iteration » and « continuity » have their mirror manifestations in rhetorical figures such as metaphor and alliteration. The basic principle of this thesis is that time is a cognitive component in the linguistic and visual discourses: Poetry, Novel, publicity, and educational discourse... Moreover, time is a procceeding concept, which serves to explain and interpret many discourses. We can therefore ask this question: What is a rhetorical aspectual model? choukri_2007

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